Yetey and Klemenz join plan-B esports

We welcome Lukas „Yetey“ Hofbauer and Clemens „Klemenz“ Eisenhut as our new Super Smash Bros Ultimate players. They are the elite of the Austrian Smash Ultimate scene and already making a name for themselves on the international stage.

Statement Josef Pfemeter:

With signing Yetey and Klemenz we continue to support young talented Austrians on their way for international success. Both players were all in for plan-B since the first meeting and are sharing our vision. I am excited to welcome these two in our family and recommend everyone to follow their journey because we are going to achieve big things together!

Statement Yetey and Klemenz:

In our ambition to grow as competitors we were searching for an organization that could support us in many different kinds of ways. We ended up with plan-B because we felt like their ideas for the future of Austrian esports resembled ours precisely.