Pump up your wheels!

We are very happy to finally welcome our Rocket League Team! We worked together with Fabiderkrosse for half a year to create this roster, with which we clearly want to climb the national and international stage.

All of them are highly talented and motivated players to keep up their grind and open a new chapter of plan-B history. Like in every title we want to work together with them very closely and integrate them into our family structure to give them everything they need to support them on their journey. You can first see our beautiful RL Team in Real Life and Full HD at the Red Bull pLANet one.


Menno „wizard“ Kooper 🇳🇱
Reda „Miyu“ Boukantar 🇫🇷
Fabian „FDK“ Draxl 🇦🇹
Matthias „mdnmatthew“ Dogas 🇦🇹

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