Rush B, Our New CS:GO Team

January is a month of change for us. We are happy to start into the new year with announcing our new CS:GO Team, which we signed for a whole year.


Soon into the middle of our last season we realized that we will have to rethink our previous approach to CS:GO. We always had a special relationship to the game, not at least due to the competitive history of a large part of our management. While we gazed on the international scene, there was a Line-Up that caught our attention in the DACH scene. We are very happy to welcome Raphael „C3dril“ Neuhauser, Georg „farmaG“ Bauer, Jonathan „xTreMe“ Steinhöfler, Anthony „rabtus“ Maleschitz and Amir „TWEEZYCS“ Zhuta.

The big plan-B reunion. C3dril is an experienced Ingame Leader of the Austrian scene and returns to plan-B esports after 10 years. He saw some of our glory days in CS:GO and with him we are looking to come a bit closer to what we once were.

xTreMe is another lost son returning. It was him who played a crucial role in our successful comeback to CS:GO and played us into 2nd division. Since that, he developed a lot as a player and set his goals to repeting his success in relegations.

rabtus and TWEEZYCS were part of our former Line-Up as well and we are happy that we can keep up working with them. While rabtus is easily one of the most essential parts of plan-B esports, TWEEZYCS proved his worth in the last season and is a force to be reckoned with.

farmaG is a player we felt was overlooked and already thought about last season as well. We are happy that it finally worked out and we cannot wait to watch these boys play!

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