plan-B running

Now we run!

After successful investments into CS:GO and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate we take on a new venture and aim to popularize Speedrunning in Austria and esports. Speedrunning is something the whole plan-B management followed over the course of the last few years and we think it is a step in the right direction to open ourselves up to it. Mark ‚irie‘ Kostenz states: „Many of our members have been following Speedrunner and Content creator from this scene for years. We see a lot of potential in this profession and its interesting actors and decided without further ado, that we want to help the local figureheads of this scene.“

It is after all gaming competition at its purest. Dedicated gamers aiming to beat their favorite game in the best possible time.

We are incredibly happy to welcome Kuru and Dansta to the plan-B family!  Fun and fast time lay ahead of us and we cannot wait to leave our mark in speedrunning.

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