alpenScene National Cup #1

After a strong performance in their first season, our five CS:GO prodigies crown themselves as kings of Austria. With a decisive 2:0 over TT Willhaben in the Grand-Final, we win the alpenScene National Cup #1  and are officially the best team in Austria!

16 teams found their way to the first National Cup. 11 teams were already invited, five more followed through a qualification tournament. In the end, eight teams made it to the playoffs to fight for a place in the quarter-finals on Saturday.

The semifinals on Saturday started shaky for us, as we dropped one map against Blindow esports. We still managed to recover remarkably on the third Map and won convincingly on Nuke.  TTWillhaben closed it out in two maps on the other side of the bracket. Thus the final was, as predicted by the experts, plan-B esports vs. TTWillhaben.

The final started on Mirage and we have shifted up a few gears. Already in the first half, the team managed to lead 12:3 as T-side, although this side is more difficult to play in theory. We looked like the sure winner, but TT Willhaben caught up an did not give in. Round after round the team fought back, even though we closed the map 16:14, it was a hell of a ride for the captain Raphael „C3dril“ Neuhauser and his 4 youngsters.

On Inferno, we took the lead with 12:3, again, but still trembled to win, like in game 1. TTWillhaben convinced with willpower and made our life difficult again. In the end, TT Willhaben couldn’t stop us as we took the series 2-0.

Winning this tournament means a lot for us and we are tremendously proud of our players and the results we achieved in the course of the last few months. We are infinitely happy about the success of our players and look into the future with full confidence

Reactions of our players

We strongly believe in this Line-Up. They already showed great potential and we cannot wait for the future!

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