CS:GO Roster Update

All good things come in threes.

We did not reach our goals for 2020. Therefore we had to think about what we can do to have a more successful 2021. We will say goodbye to C3dril and rabtus who did a lot for plan-B and we are very happy to have been working together but now it is time to move on to a new chapter.

Lefty and Orbit will be added to our CS:GO Team and MITSARAS_ will take the coaching position.

Together with SSP, Lefty shot himself up into 99Damage Division 1 and on Finals. He proved himself to be a great Ingame Leader, even tho he was new to the role and was an essential part of their success. We are incredibly happy to have such a bright mind in our 2021 roster and cannot wait to do it all again.

Orbit, originally one of the talented youngsters, became a force to be reckoned with. With 99Damage Division 1 experience, in SSP, and good showings with teams like Epicdudes he definitely came a long way. Now it is time to prove that he can do more and advance to first-class himself!

MITSARAS_ needs no further introduction. He was part of some of the most ambitious Austrian projects. Always a player to rely on but mostly known for his ability to form great team environments and his deep understanding of the game. We are happy to welcome him into our 5head coaching position. MaRtiNs will support him as our analyst.


Our new roster will be playing their first game in the UPS Playoffs vs. Entropy! Tune in ^_^