The Super Mario Odyssey Any% League is finally here!

After having our Speedrunners in the team for half a year, the first major event has just begun, organized by our own Dansta. Starting on January 30th 6pm CET the 12 best Speedrunners from around the world will be competing in one race every Saturday to determine the best among them. The racers consist of multiple world record holders and top players, namely:

  • Tyron18
  • Mitch
  • Lucid
  • PsioNick
  • Antogaming101
  • Dansta2106
  • heytherecool
  • EEEK
  • D_00r
  • CMFP
  • MiiWii
  • TiloTech

Alongside the races there will be commentary from other people in the community, who will bring more life into the runs and show the audience what happens onscreen. For every race there will be a point system, which awards points based on the runners performance in comparison to their opponent. The winner will receive an initial 60 points. Another 30 points will be divided depending on the time difference between the two runners. For every 10 seconds difference, one more point will be awarded to the winner. The remaining points will be given to the loser, making it possible for a runner to get up to 90 points in a race in case they win by over 5 minutes! This point system will determine the top 8 runners after the regular season has concluded, once all the runners have played each other player. Those 8 runners will then proceed to the playoffs and the following semi-finals, match for 3rd place and the Grand Finals.

The prize for the winner will be 250€ by plan-B esports and an additional amount spent by the community to support the racers. We are looking forward to seeing you at the plan-B esports twitch channel to support the runners for their first match on January 30th.

Click here for more information about the procedure and rules.